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It’s All the Fault of Leviticus

That is, at least according to Greg Laden in his post where he tries to explain How the Bible Ruined Western Society. I feel that I can know sleep better, although I am not sure who to blame-P, P2, H1, H2. See here for a list of suspects.

3 Responses to “It’s All the Fault of Leviticus”

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    Harry Perkal:

    I have felt for a while that if one can understand Levticus one can really begin to understand Biblical Judaism. Leviticus is very complicated and dense. It is too bad that mmany pulpit Rabbis run away from truly discussing and exploring Leviticus with thir congregants. Too often they ignore it or only focus on the ethical parts of Leviticus. They treat Leviticus as if it an eccentric relative. I would add that the works of Mary Douglas has contibuted greatly in understanding Leviticus. What this Greg Laden says is mostly nonsense, Harry

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    Did you also receive a personal e-mail from Greg to check this out? I pretty much told him to stick to his social biology jazz…and that ironically, his post was sorely lacking in nuance

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    Menachem Mendel:

    I don’t know him at all. I subscribe to the posts at Science Blogs. Once in a while there is a post which I find interesting.




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