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Jewish Library Blogs and Transcribing Manuscripts

The JTS library has just launched a blog, Mekorot, with the following description,

The Mekorot blog will feature reviews and discussion of new and classic sources in Jewish Studies, bibliographical notes, and edifying tidbits by the librarians of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Now if the library could only get books cataloged and returned to the shelves quicker, decent copy machines, and a scanner in the copy room, things might be a bit better, but a blog is a good start. The HUC library also has a blog, Needle in the Bookstacks, with an interesting recent post on the Sarajevo Haggadah.

Anyone who has any experience in working with manuscripts knows that the deciphering of the text and its transcription can sometime be quite difficult, even impossible. This morning’s New York Times has an article about a recent book of writings by Robert Frost, The Notebooks of Robert Frost, which has been accused of faulty transcription. It’s nice to know that medieval manuscripts aren’t the only texts that can be hard to read.

2 Responses to “Jewish Library Blogs and Transcribing Manuscripts”

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    But MM – cataloging, reshelving, copying, and scanning, not to mention up-to-date computers and a host of other necessary improvement, might actually benefit students, and would have little to know impact on donors and on people who subscribe to the JTS library magazine. So why on earth would the library do something for us students? It’s not like it’s supposed to be a major research library…

  2. 2
    Lion of Zion:

    the jts blog doesn’t seem to be very active.

    the copy machines there are the worst.




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