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Jonathan Rosenblum Needs to be Updated

In a recent column in the Jerusalem Post that called for greater tolerance among secular and religious groups in Israel, Jonathan Rosenblum wrote the following:

Jews, unlike Moslems, have a millennia-long history of living as a despised minority. Minority status has also imbued us with an appreciation of prudence. Satmar Chassidim in Williamsburg, for instance, do not post dress code advisories in the elevators of buildings they share with Puerto Ricans.

I would like to draw Rosenblum’s attention to the following news report (hat tip) about protests against a hair salon in Williamsburg. Am I sure that the protestors are Satmar Hasidim? No, but Rosenblum’s description of ultra-orthodox behavior seems to be in need of fixing. On a related matter, here is a report about ultra-orthodox protests against bike lanes in Brooklyn. I guess that prudence is hard to come by these days.

One Response to “Jonathan Rosenblum Needs to be Updated”

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    7azon Yesha3ya:

    Jonathan Rosenblum is a proffessional apologist for the U.O. that’s how he make his living.
    That includes infaillibility of the U.O. no matter what and under any circumstance. He is always the advocate of their causes no matter if it’s a lost cause or a winning cause. Thinking people, should pay no attention to what he writes.




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