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Judaism 101 from the Haifa Police Chief

‘Women are forbidden from entering the synagogue when there are men present,’ he said. ‘These are the religious rules.’

These are the words of Haifa police chief Dudu Ben Attia who has taken it upon himself to become a posek. See this article for apparently another example of some Jews who can’t seem to help acting in a manner that pushes people further and further from Torah. See this site for a description of events, including the incident with the police, from those who are fighting to preserve what they see as their secular neighborhood which was always welcoming to religious residents, from being taken over by ultra-orthodox. It doesn’t look like a pretty scene.

One Response to “Judaism 101 from the Haifa Police Chief”

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    Menachem Mendel:


    I see both sides (both the secular & the breslaver) at fault here. The breslavers are at fault for pushing people away from using the Beit Haknesset just because they are doing things differently than breslavers do. But how right is it for the secular to use a beit haknesset for the agenda of keeping charedim out. If we were talking about keeping any other population group out of a neighborhood (e.g. secular, or arab), imagine the outcry!
    Tzvi | 06.20.07 – 9:31 am | #

    From all of the descriptions that I have read, the secular group, and I am not sure of the exact demographic make up of the group, had been using the synagogue to study Torah. They do not want to secularize the synagogue, they just want to prevent it from turning into a Breslover yeshivah primarily for outsiders, not for neighborhood residents, as they see it, in their neighborhood. They specifically mention that they are not having co-ed classes during prayer time.
    Menachem Mendel | 06.20.07 – 11:26 am | #

    It doesn’t seem that way from the website that you link to, especially from the remarks about a “medina chareidit.”

    OTOH, I find the pushing away of anyone (secularists or not) wanting to learn torah distateful, and agree with you as to the consequences of the actions of the breslavers.
    Tzvi | 06.20.07 – 2:46 pm | #




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