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New Book: Isaac On Jewish and Christian Altars


Devorah Schoenfeld has published Isaac On Jewish and Christian Altars: Polemic and Exegesis in Rashi and the Glossa Ordinaria.

Devorah Schoenfeld’s new work offers an in-depth examination of two of the most influential Christian and Jewish Bible commentaries of the High Middle Ages. The Glossa Ordinaria and Rashi’s commentary were standard texts for Bible study in the High Middle Ages, and Rashi’s influence continues to the present day. Although Rashi’s commentary and the Glossa developed at the same time with no known contact between them, they shared a way of reading text that shaped their interpretations of the central religious narrative of the Binding of Isaac. Schoenfeld’s text examines each commentary unto itself and offers a detailed comparison, one that illustrates the similarities between Rashi and the Gloss that derive not merely from their shared late antique heritage but also from their common twelfth-century context, and the Jewish-Christian polemic in which they both, implicitly or explicitly, take part.

2 Responses to “New Book: Isaac On Jewish and Christian Altars”

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    Why do you not have comments allowed for the month of September? In that month you have a post entitled – I paraphrase – Prostitutes and Talmudic Rabbis. This is easily the stupidest post on this otherwise good blog, and quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever read on any blog related to Talmudic matters. It is not only foolish, but it also mistranslates the text and uses foul langauge, all in one shot. I am duty bound to register my disgust at it somewhere (“make a macha”) and if you dont reconsider the wisdom of allowing it to remain altoether, wish you would teleport my comments there, where it belongs.

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    Menachem Mendel:

    I shut off comments after thirty days in order to decrease the amount of spam, it’s a trade off. Email me your comment and I’ll post it.




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