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New Book: Learning to Read Talmud

There’s a new book about learning Talmud that may be of interest.


Here’s a description of Learning to Read Talmud: What It Looks Like and How It Happens from the publisher’s web site:

Learning to Read Talmud is the first book-length study of how teachers teach and how students learn to read Talmud. Through a series of studies conducted by scholars of Talmud in classrooms that range from seminaries to secular universities and with students from novice to advanced, this book elucidates a broad range of ideas about what it means to learn to read Talmud and tools for how to achieve that goal. Bridging the study of Talmud and the study of pedagogy, this book is an essential resource for scholars, curriculum writers, and classroom teachers of Talmud.

And the table of contents:

Introduction. Learning to Read Talmud: What It Looks Like and How It Happens
Jane L. Kanarek and Marjorie Lehman

Chapter 1. Stop Making Sense: Using Text Guides to Help Students Learn to Read Talmud
Beth A. Berkowitz

Chapter 2. Looking for Problems: A Pedagogic Quest for Difficulties
Ethan M. Tucker

Chapter 3. What Others Have to Say: Secondary Readings in Learning to Read Talmud
Jane L. Kanarek

Chapter 4. And No One Gave the Torah to the Priests: Reading the Mishnah’s References to the Priests and the Temple
Marjorie Lehman

Chapter 5. Talmud for Non-Rabbis: Teaching Graduate Students in the Academy
Gregg E. Gardner

Chapter 6. When Cultural Assumptions about Texts and Reading Fail: Teaching Talmud as Liberal Arts
Elizabeth Shanks Alexander

Chapter 7. Talmud in the Mouth: Oral Recitation and Repetition through the Ages and in Today’s Classroom
Jonathan S. Milgram

Chapter 8. Talmud that Works Your Heart: New Approaches to Reading
Sarra Lev

Postscript. What We Have Learned About Learning to Read Talmud
Jon A. Levisohn

If you order from the publisher’s website and add the discount code READTALMUD30 you can get a thirty percent discount.

One Response to “New Book: Learning to Read Talmud”

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    MM – I get you have a thing promoting women learning Talmud. (Why, I will never know. But I get that you blog about it all the time.) When you promote fluffy nonsense like this though, you are just engaging in the soft bigotry of low expectations. I would hope, for your sake, that you can find better examples.




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