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New Edition of Melamed le-Hoil

According to this entry at the JNUL, there is a new edition of Rabbi David Zvi Hoffman’s Melamed le-Hoil. This new edition is edited by his great-grandson, who also happens to have the name David Zvi Hoffman.

5 Responses to “New Edition of Melamed le-Hoil”

  1. 1
    Jeffrey R. Woolf:

    Yes, and if you look closely, he censored out all the non-haredi friendly passages.

  2. 2
    Zach Truboff:

    I have a copy of the new edition that is published by Feldheim, and did not see anything edited out. In fact, the teshuva about wearing a kipah and the whole conversation with Hirsch is included even though it was taken out of previous editions. Also, the teshuvot that deal with issues of mechkar are included too. I agree with you, that in the new introduction, the great grandson clearly has a charedi haskafah.

  3. 3

    Not long ago I noticed jahrzeit plaques for him, his wife, two sons and a daughter in OZ on the Upper West Side. Apparently at least some of his children emigrated to the United States and davened (or should I say ‘orened’) there.

  4. 4

    Is it possible that the plaques in OZ were in memory of Rabbi Doctor Jacob Hoffman and his family? He had been a rabbi in Frankfort and later served as the rabbi of OZ. A daughter of Rabbi David Hoffman was married to Professor Alexander Marx, the historian and the great librarian for many decades at JTS.

  5. 5

    I’m pretty sure I recognize a “Moreh Morenu Rabbi Dovid Zvi Hoffmann” complete with its reference to the Seminary in Berlin, a separate plaque for his wife Zerline Hoffmann, children “bet” and “ben R’ Dovid Zvi,” etc. when I see it. So it’s not a case of mistaken identity. 🙂

    The daughter is not, incidentally, Marx’s wife. This daughter was never married, as evidenced by the appelation “ha-besulah.”

    You can see them in OZ on the left side of the shul toward the back, four plaques on the lower left corner.




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