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New Edition of Shu"t Malki BaKodesh

Dr. David Zohar has finished editing the first volume of R. Hayyim Hirschenson’s responsa collection Malki BaKodesh. R. Hirschensohn is one of the most interesting religious thinkers and halakhists of the modern era. R. Hirschensohn was born in Tzefat in 1856 and at the age of eight moved to Jerusalem. He became active in many religious and cultural endeavors, eventually leaving Jerusalem after being put in herem by some elements of the religious community (see here for info on the herem). He thereupon settled in Hoboken, NJ, where he authored most of his numerous publications, first among them his multi-volume work on halakhah Malki BaKodesh. Long out of print (volumes 5 and 6 of the older edition are available for download here), this new edition also includes an introduction and study of R. Hirschensohn’s work. The book is being published by the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies and a whole host of others. For those who are in Jerusalem, there will be an evening program honoring the publication of this first volume at the Schechter Institute on Dec. 25, 2006, at 7:00 p.m. The program will include lectures by Prof. Avi Sagi, Zvi Zohar and Dr. Yossi Turner. If one is interested in purchasing the book they can probably purchase one by contacting the Schechter Institute. If someone knows of its availability elsewhere, please post it in the comments. For further reading, see this review of an earlier book by David Zohar on Hirschensohn and these blog posts.

One Response to “New Edition of Shu"t Malki BaKodesh”

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    Menachem Mendel:

    For volumes three and four of Malki BaKodesh in PDF, see…HUT/ malki34.pdf

    Any leads on how to purchase a copy?!?!?!?!
    Menachem Butler | Homepage | 12.19.06 – 10:26 am | #

    I have volume two of Malki BaKodesh in PDF on my computer, from, from a while ago… I can’t figure out what the online link is!
    Menachem Butler | Homepage | 12.19.06 – 10:28 am | #

    Here is R’ Hirschensohn’s wikipedia biography – Hay…im_Hirschensohn
    Alex | 12.19.06 – 3:55 pm | #

    This David Zohar isn’t a Joint Program alum, is he? Redhead, Israeli (american born, I believe), late 30’s?
    jdub | 12.20.06 – 8:33 am | #

    I am 99% sure that they are not the same person. The David Zohar whom you are thinking about is actually Tzvi Zohar’s brother. I am not familiar with the Hirschensohn David Zohar.
    Menachem Mendel | Homepage | 12.20.06 – 1:36 pm | #

    Very interesting personality.
    Ha-historion | Homepage | 12.26.06 – 3:05 pm | #

    Do you have David Zohar’s email?
    adam | 01.08.07 – 11:26 am | #

    Do you mean David Zohar editor of Malki BaKodesh or the David Zohar who was in the Joint Program?
    Menachem Mendel | Homepage | 01.08.07 – 5:49 pm | #

    I mean David Zohar of Malki Bakodesh.
    adam | 01.10.07 – 12:27 pm | #




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