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New Journals from Magnes Press-Spring, 2017

Some new journals from Magnes Press:

Tarbitz 84, 3

Nili Samet – New Light on the Administrative Term bÄ“n bayît in Biblical and Rabbinical Sources

Bezalel Bar-Kochva – The Religious Persecutions of Antiochus Epiphanes as a Historical Reality

David Henshke – Between Blessings and Prayer: On the History of the Amidah Prayer

Mordechai Sabato – On the Inclusion of the ‘Mikan Ameru’ Homilies in the Halakhic Midrashim

Michael Rand – Surviving Fragments of the Qillirian Heritage in Provence/Catalonia and in Spain: In the Wake of New Materials from the Genizah

Jonathan Vardi – Between Shemuel Ha-Nagid and the Poets of Zaragoza

Textus XXVI

Emanuel Tov – The Development of the Text of the Torah in
Two Major Text Blocks

Michael Segal, Emanuel Tov, William Brent ת Seales, Clifford
Seth Parker, Pnina Shor, Yosef Porath, with an Appendix by Ada
Yardeni – An Early Leviticus Scroll from En-Gedi: Preliminary

Kristin De Troyer – Reconstructing the Older Hebrew Text of the
Book of Joshua: An Analysis of Joshua 10

Armin Lange – 4QXIIg (4Q82) as an Editorial Text

Gary A. Rendsburg – How Could a Torah Scroll Have Included
the Word? זעטוטי

Nancy Benovitz – Psalm 91:1 and the Rabbinic ShemaÊ¿ in Greek
on a Byzantine Amuletic Armband

Yosef Ofer – A Fragment of the Aleppo Codex (Exodus 8) that
Reached Israel

Rachel Hitin-Mashiah – Main Division in the Verse in the 21 Prose
Books: Syntactic Study

Jordan S. Penkower – An Esther Scroll from the 15th
Century: Determining its Type among Five Traditions (Oriental,
Sefardi, Ashkenazi, Italian, Yemenite)

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