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New Springsteen Album

For those Springsteen fans out there, it was announced a few weeks ago that his new album “Working on a Dream” would be released on January 27, 2009. He will also be playing the halftime show at the Super Bowl. A few songs form the new album (Can I use that word?) have already been released in various forms. I’ll try and be as unbiased as possible.

1. Working on a Dream-The title track from the new album. A good song, nothing great. I am hoping that it will be better in concert. The whistling is a bit funny.
2. My Lucky Day (Here with a little bit of studio banter beforehand. The song starts at 2:00. For just the song go here)-A true E Street Band rocker. Already predicted to open up the concerts on the upcoming tour (of which I have no details).
3. The Wrestler-From the soundtrack of the much-talked about new film The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. An introspective and powerful, at times depressing, song about failure and broken dreams.

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    I’ve heard Working on a Dream several times now on the E Street Band channel on XM/Sirius. Very underwhelmed. But then, I’ve been underwhelmed by his studio work since The Rising. I’d almost rather he keep touring and stay out of the studio.




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