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New Volume of the Or Zarua

It seems that volume 2 of the new edition of the Isaac Meir of Vienna’s Or Zarua has been published by Machon Yerushalayim and Yeshivat Or Etzion. The first volume contained the laws of Shabbat and Eruvin, and this second volume contains the laws of the Festivals and Zeraim. In addition, it seems that Yerid HaSefarim, which has been putting out new editions of many medieval rabbinic works, has also put out a new edition of the Or Zarua. Also two new volumes of Rambam HaMeduyyak, edited by Yitzhak Shilat, have been published (see this post by Manuscriptboy). These two new volumes are Sefer Ahavah and Sefer Shoftim.

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    Menachem Mendel:

    The edition put out by Yerid Hasefarim did not use manuscripts and left many (if not all) of the errors in.
    andy | 05.22.06 – 7:56 pm | #

    I am not surprised. They seem to be just retypesetting the editions in use and publishing them. I do admit that I bought their Issur VeHetter HaAroch since it is so much easier to read the the offset edition.
    Mshoreret | Homepage | 05.22.06 – 8:30 pm | #




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