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Newly Discovered Writings of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein

Great news from Vos Iz Neias:

A trove of unpublished manuscripts from the late gadol and posek hador, Rav Moshe Feinstein, zt”l, has been discovered and is being readied for publication in a series of seforim. Included are Rav Moshe’s writings on the entire Shas, as well as hundreds of Responsa on complex halachic issues. Some of the materials date from Rav Moshe’s years in Europe and others from the period of the 1930s to the 1980s when he emerged as the most authoritative decisor of Jewish law. All the manuscripts have been authenticated by Rav Moshe’s children and the originals will be made available on CDs as each sefer is published by a foundation established by the children for that purpose.

I would love to hear some information about who had these writings? What led to their discovery? Also, what is the relationship between “writings on the entire Shas” and his Dibrot Moshe?

For a description of how Rav Moshe wrote responsa see this post from On the Main Line.

Without a doubt, great news.

Update: The following information was forwarded to me with the permission of the Tendler family and through the help of an avid reader of this blog who is a connector in the true sense of the word, and another person who is involved in the publishing of the new material.

There are three sources of the unpublished materials.

1. A carefully review of Rav Moshe’s ztl’s personal files revealed Teshuvos that had never been published. Among them were responses to questions of Hashkafa and detailed response to questions involving personal conduct and issues related to marriage and relationships. The reason we have copies of those letters and teshuvos is because Rav Moshe personally hand-copied almost every teshuva and letter he ever wrote until that time that he was given a photocopier machine

Additionally, there are hundreds of personal correspondences beween rav Moshe and other Gedolei Torah and rabbonim that deserve to be published. There are also hundreds of important Dinei Torah which contain Piskei halacha that Rav Moshe wanted published. Of course, all names and identifiable information will be vetted before publication.

2. Although Rav Moshe was meticulous in his record keeping, there were letters that we do not have and some which most likely were taken over the years and never returned. Over the past 25 years, people have been generous and gracious in sending us copies of those Teshuvos and letters.

3. Rav Moshe kept what he called his “kuntrasim,” “notebooks.” They range in size between 50 and 500 pages each. We have 84 kuntrasim and they are are an incalculable treasure of his Haaros on all of shas, tanach, hashkafa, and major presentations of halacha L’maaseh. It was from these Kuntrasim that Rav Moshe wrote the Dibros and important Drashos. Working through the Kuntrasim will be the major job of the Foundation. There remains thousands of pages in the Kuntrasim that were never published!

The recent ads asking for any other unpublished information is our last push to gather whatever remaining teshuvas are out there before publishing the ninth volume of the Igros.

2 Responses to “Newly Discovered Writings of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein”

  1. 1
    Yehudit Spero:

    Is this for real???

  2. 2
    Menachem Mendel:

    Most definitely yes.




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