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Oh no, Bezek trashes American Jews

Bezek, the largest telecommunications company in Israel, has a new commercial that pokes fun at American Jews. It really isn’t that funny, although I am sure that somebody will say that this reflects more Israeli trashing of diaspora Jews.

The commercial depicts an American, the Israeli entertainer Gido Gov, who had left Israel for America.  Upon his return he can’t stop pointing out how a pool in the backyard, hot tub, and constant hot water are “standard” in America. It is only when he expresses amazement at the speed of the Internet that his friend, also Gidi Gov, says that 20 MB per second is standard in Israel, a sort of “take that” moment for the Israeli.

This campaign by Bezek reflects the upgrading of the Internet infrastructure in Israel. The Israel Electric Corporation is planning on building a fiber optic infrastructure, something that Bezek may be worried about.

5 Responses to “Oh no, Bezek trashes American Jews”

  1. 1

    The American is also Gidi Gov.

  2. 2
    Menachem Mendel:

    How could I have missed that.

  3. 3
    Mordechai Y. Scher:

    Davka thought it is cute. And Gidi Gov does a great exaggerated mivta Amerikai. 😉

    I think you also missed that the Israeli thinks ‘hot tub’ merely means a tub of hot water. And play on ‘dude’ and ‘dood’ was simple, but cute. Had to be at least one Hebrew/English pun, no?

    I don’t think this was poking fun at Amerikaim; just trying to show that Israel is one up at least with the advertised product.

  4. 4
    Menachem Mendel:

    The ‘dude’ and ‘dood’ was funny. I guess that it is a little bit more funny than I had written.

  5. 5
    Abul Bannat:

    You neglected the history: previously Gidi Gov did a whole series of public service ads in which he (humorously) accused the Israeli government of stealing his name in their “”
    domain names.




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