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On the Defensive Much

Last week, David Pogue, whose column I highly recommend for anybody interested in technology, wrote a article criticizing some aspects of the cellphone industry in America. His bottom line, in my words, many people are getting ripped off. Today in his column he reports about some attempts to rebut his claims. Here is what Pogue had to say about the “bizarre” rebuttal letter from the CEO of Verizon,

I say “bizarre” because the Verizon Wireless rebuttal didn’t address a SINGLE ONE of the points I made! It’s as though I’d writtten, “Verizon Wireless is a terrible singer,” and his rebuttal was, “That’s absolutely not true! I speak three languages!”

Personally, since I hardly ever use a cell phone, I refuse to pay for a monthly plan and have a phone through Tracfone.

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    I don’t think it is altogether a bad thing if there is a bit of a shake-up in the wireless industry. David Pogue made some very valid comments. Don’t even start me on the texting price hikes. It is generally agreed that the actual cost to the carrier of sending a text message is around 0.6 cents. Need I say more?
    And why are we paying roaming charges on our contracts? My daughter has a prepaid phone from NET10 and she does not pay any roaming charges. I’ve worked out I pay more per minute on my cell plan than she does on her prepaid. She can also call a number of international destinations at local rates – I can’t.
    These and other things make me wonder – am I being exploited by my cell carrier? I would certainly like my representative to look into this. The rebuttal was truly bizarre, though.




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