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On the Hot Plate


One can spend much of his free time trying to learn the laws of warming up food on Shabbat, and I have no doubt that some people have done this. The company Kli Sheini has introduced a grill-like cover that they claim will remove many of the halakhic problems associated with heated up food on Shabbat. My question is how much can food really be warmed while on this contraption.

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    I bought one a year ago (at a special introductory price) and the answer is we love it.

    To answer your question about how hot though:

    First this is not a halachic answer – I will be happy to give one of those separately to anyone who wants – this is a food / Oneg Shabbat answer.

    Sometimes you want the food directly on the plata, like keeping soup very hot on Friday night, and sometimes you only want to warm things up and this is perfect.

    For example, if you put stuff on the plata on Shabbat morning before shul, sometimes it gets much too hot and even burns, you have to arrange things, pot on pot …. (again, not for just halachic reasons.)
    Instead this is perfect. It warms things just right.

    And Halachically, it does solve some (mostly Ashkenazi) problems.

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    Menachem Mendel:


    I was wondering from a practical standpoint if it is able to heat food. Sometimes we have used a cookie tin b/c the plata was too hot, but I wasn’t sure if a grill-like contraption would be able to heat food. Thanks for your info.

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    “One can spend much of their free time” should be “much of his free time”. Or, if you dont use the generic masculine on political grounds, try “people can spend much of their” etc. Right now you’ve mixed a singular with a plural.

    DF (the pedantic twit)

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    Menachem Mendel:

    Grammar has been corrected.




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