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Opening Orthodoxy Even More

Has Open Orthodoxy on its way to became much more open? From a post by Rabbi Zev Farber at Morethodoxy, “Women’s Participation in Ritual: Time for a Paradigm Shift”:

This is where I believe the paradigm shift must occur. To break out of this vicious cycle, we need to shift the paradigm 180 degrees. Instead of saying that since women have never historically participated in public ritual, so each shul and each rabbi will—upon request—think about creative ways to allow women to participate ritually in things that are permitted, we should be saying that all Jews, men and women, can do or participate in any meaningful ritual unless it is clear that halakha expressly forbids this. How to define what halakha forbids will be a question every shul and rabbi will need to answer, but the inertia factor and the women-don’t-do-these-kinds-of-things factor will have to be taken off the table.

2 Responses to “Opening Orthodoxy Even More”

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    Harry Perkal:

    I love this line ” man and women can participate in any meanigful ritual UNLESS it is clear that Halacha expressely prohibts it.” Really? Since Halacha was created by human beings it can be changed by human beings- unless we worship Halacha as some sort of idol.

  2. 2

    “Has Open Orthodoxy on its way to became much more open?”

    I’ve no idea what this “open orthodoxy” thing is, but from your post, it is clear that whater it is, it is not becoming more open, it is simply becoming conservative. (if it isnt already.)




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