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Otzar ha-Hochma Scandal Redux

It seems that Otzar ha-Hochma knows no rest. It was apparently a typo. See here for a previous round of criticism.

2 Responses to “Otzar ha-Hochma Scandal Redux”

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    Yoine Cohen:

    I own the full version of the Otzar, and I also own many hard copy sefarim [Chovos Halevovos, Emunos V’deos and others] of R. Yosef Kapach zt”l. I specifically ordered a version that includes many works that are considered ‘treif posul’ by Haredi standards.

    However your attack on a private person, who has the full right to choose what he includes and what he doesn’t. That right also includes his right to refer to somebody as ‘Rabbi, or not to.

    As a Haredi who appreciates you blog [yysher koiach] I would never invade here and challenge your right to call yoruself a “Rabbi” but would you deny me that right,on any media that is under my own domain? The owner and distributor of the Otzar has his right to to reject such a title for you or others who belong to the Conservative/Reform movement who R. Moshe Feinstein deemed as “Royei Bakar”. He as well, has that right regarding R. Kapach.

    You in turn have a choice not to purchase the Otzar [or Igoros Moshe].

    In any case I reckon that the use for such projects are quickly being overtaken by Google Books [and].

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    Menachem Mendel:


    I was not criticizing Otzar ha-Hochma nor Rav Kapach at all, that was not my intention nor do I think that anything that I wrote should lead one to believe so. I was just linking to a report about a recent controversy which may have been the result of a clerical error. As someone not from that community, I do find it interesting how they are attempting to balance new technology and making books accessible while at the same time responding to communal norms. They, and anyone else for that matter, have the right to use any title that they want or to include any book that they want.

    My copy of Igrot Moshe gets quite a bit of use, despite what Rav Moshe said about Conservative Judaism. A gadol ha-dor is a gadol ha-dor.




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