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Possible Rare Sefer Torah Found in Italy

Mauro Perani, an expert on Hebrew manuscripts and the person most responsible for the discovery and dissemination of the “European Genizah,” is reporting on Facebook the discovery of a possibly very early and rare Sefer Torah. Here are some of Perani’s comments:

On the nature and date of this Sefer Torah there is now an ongoing dispute between the greatest scholars of Hebrew paleography and those of the Sefer Torah, especially Penkower. Their opinion range from the XI to XIV centuries. I will soon make the examination of carbon 14 in a laboratory and we shal have the judgment of science. The skin is gevil, namely a sheep leather which, although not too thin, is folding and bending very soft as a canvas. On many pages there are no Tagin at all, in other few and only on certain words. For exemple the penultimete “he” in the name Abraham .


Penkower, along with Angelo Puattelli says:
1. The textual variants are similar to the code of Aleppo.
2. The tagin and strange letters follow the sefer taghe in the original version.
3. The arrangement of Shirat ha-yam, petuchot, setumot etc. follows the ancient Eastern tradition represented by the code of Aleppo.
4. The corrections between the rows and final nun on the contrary reflect a situation where the Halakha encoded is different from that fixed by Maimonides and prior to that. Surely it is the most complete ancient oriental Sefer Torah. “

2 Responses to “Possible Rare Sefer Torah Found in Italy”

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    Jon Baker:

    Isn’t every sefer Torah rare? In fact, so rare as to be unique? If not, the theft-detection scheme from Vaad Mishmeres Stam wouldn’t work.

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