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Pre-Shabbat Song-Mika Karni

Mika Karni

It seems that as of late almost everyone, including the Hillary Clinton, has been talking about women in Israel. Whether it is women in the army, on advertisements, or the gym at the Technion. While there are definitely misogynistic Israelis and much that could be improved, I think that many people have an over simplified view of things.

The person whom I think embodies some of these conflicting trends is Mika Karni. Karni is an Israeli singer who refuses to limit herself because of how she dresses, looks, or sings.


A few months ago I wrote about her involvement with an all-female choir made up of religious women. Earlier this week they performed at the Great Synagogue (no men allowed), and she was interviewed by Rabbanit Yemimah Mizraḥi.


Below is a clip from an Israeli reality show Meḥubarot in which Karni talks about her becoming more involved in Judaism and the tension that it has created in her family.  The whole episode can be found here.  It has much of the TMI and vulgarity of reality shows, but I think that the parts with Mika and her family illustrated the potential tensions that are created when there is a difference in religious observance and belief within a family.

Here is a video of her performing with her daughter, she has recently been performing with her family, on one of Israel’s most popular morning radio shows, Slotsky and Domingo.

Here is a video of her singing the classic song Ein Gedi (translation).

This is one of her most popular songs, Mitchell.

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