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R. Shimon Eider z”l

Hirhurim reports that R. Shimon Eider z”l has passed away. R. Eider was the author of many important books on practical halakhah, all of which I always recommended to people with the caveat that they always read the notes in Hebrew. Just recently Rabbi Eider traveled to the town where my brother is a rabbi in MA in order to give them guidelines for constructing an eruv. ×™×”×™ זכרו ברוך.

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    neil fleischmann:

    He was the one to first visit regarding and set up the eiruv in the community I grew up in (Bayside, Queens, NY). I remember when the books first started appearing in large pamphlet forms. My aunt and uncle gave the Shabbos ones to my brother for a BM gift (that’s Bar Mitzvah). He was ahead of his time in presenting things so thoroughly for an English speaking audience. Yes -Yehi Zichro Baruch.

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    Barry Hartman:

    Rav Shimon Eider was a trailblazer. I attended teh Shiurim he delivered @ Ahi Ezer Syn,. in Flatbush on Hilchot niddah.
    His books on Hoilchot Pesach Sefirah Three Weeks were phenominal. But was most important were the footnotes. His Bekiut was tremendous
    I called him a number of times with Sheilot.
    Ihi Zichro Baruch




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