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Rabbi of Conversion Fame May be Headed to Court

Rabbi Avraham Sherman, the rabbi who is known for the wholesale nullifying of conversions by more liberal Orthodox rabbis, (see this article by Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin) may be headed to court. Kipa is reporting (H) that the police are recommending that he be charged with breach of trust, fraud, and obstruction of justice in relation to a case in which he released from custody a man who refused to give his wife a get.

4 Responses to “Rabbi of Conversion Fame May be Headed to Court”

  1. 1

    some of these wicked ‘rabbis’ are straight from the apocrypha book of suzanna.
    probably, all he wanted in return for not nullifying the conversions was a little cash!

  2. 2

    So the police are getting involved, or may be getting involved, in dinei Gittin, eh? Anyone cheering this bit of news would be jumping up and down in a frenzy, shouting out for “separation of church and state”, if the shoe were on the other foot. Whether one is obligated to give his or her spouse a get is a RELIGIOUS matter, and if anyone wishes to use torturous logic to say otherwise, then we can use similar such logic for anything. And yet apparently MM and presumably other left-wingers are all in favor of having the police intervene. Dont think religious Jews dont notice this hypocrisy.

  3. 3
    Menachem Mendel (Michael P.):


    There is no separation of church and state in Israel and rabbinic courts are under the auspices of the state so why shouldn’t they be subject to the same standards of justice as would a secular court judge? I am all ready for rabbinic courts to be totally independent and not force Israelis to use their services, but until then, they have to play by the same rules.

  4. 4

    Fair enough, MM, fair enough. As you note, there currently is no separation of church and state, and so it is fair game to invoke the police in a halachic matter. Well and good. But then we should not hear of any complaints when the rabbinate holds in favor of the man (God Forbid) or against homosexuals marrying, or any other sacred cow of the left.

    The truth is, I dont think there’s a way against the hypocrisy. Here in the U.S., the same newspapers that cheered the use of the fillibuster when the democrats were the minority, inveigh against it now that the GOP is the minority. When the tide swings again, their opinions will swing again. Realistically, I see no end to the hypocrisy.




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