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Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef-The Movie


Tonight at 10:00 p.m. on Channel 10 in Israel, the documentary “Ovadiah Yosef” will be broadcast. A preview can be viewed here. Some people were upset that the advertisement just said “Ovadiah Yosef” and not “Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef.” The preview includes the connection between the Yosef family and the Irgun/Etzel. Apparently, most of his family was involved with the Irgun, and on the night of his wedding one of his brothers threw a grenade at a British Army truck, killing the inhabitants. This is what his brother described in the movie, but I am unable to find any evidence that on night of March 28, 1944 such an incident occurred, or at least on that scale. On March 23 there was an attack by the Irgun, so maybe the wedding was earlier than the invitation stated (it is in the video), or something else happened that night.

When a link to the movie will hopefully become available, I’ll post it.

See a similar post at Adderabbi.

Update: The TV profile can be viewed here, but I don’t know for how long.

4 Responses to “Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef-The Movie”

  1. 1
    7azon Yesha3ya:

    Tks for the tip Reb MM.
    I watched it, most facinating!
    The Etzel incident, is a rather irrelevant pecadillo -of the brothers- claimed by his brother that has no bearing on R’ OY’s persona.
    Wether the attack took place on that day or not changes nothing. It is asserted in the program that R’ OY himself never joined the Etzel.

  2. 2
    7azon Yesha3ya:

    PS: I love his clean shaven photo posted above, in addition, there is a photo in the program of the rabbi with his peers (of yeshiva porat yosef?) where many if not most are clean shaven. Even those with a beard, sure don’t keep it long lefi minhag ha- Sikhs of India, nor collect the strands they lose in their copy of the Tanya. -in anticipation of speedy need to reconnect them on tchiyas hameissim- 🙂

  3. 3
    Menachem Mendel:

    7azon Yesha3ya,

    I agree that the Etzel episode is not central to the story, except for the fact that according to his daughter, his entire family, brothers and sisters, were involved with the Etzel. Regarding the Etzel episode, there was a very large attack on March 23 and that’s probably why there was a curfew.

  4. 4
    Joel Katz:

    If anyone needs a quick embedded version of the documenatry:




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