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Rabbi Sherlow on Lo Tehanem

Ynet reports (Hebrew) on an upcoming article by Rabbi Yuval Sherlow on the question of renting apartments to Arabs in Israel. See here for a previous post on the subject. Rabbi Sherlow wrote,

It is not possible to establish a Jewish governing authority without also worrying about non-Jews that live among us regarding housing and employment…From the moment that the State of Israel was established we are responsible not only for all of the Jews in her, but also for anybody who is found within her territory and under her sovereignty.

Rabbi Sherlow discussion addressed a number of other areas related to settling the Land of Israel.

This is our land, and we are obligated to her and she to us, and we have no right to let a foreign government rule over our land.

2 Responses to “Rabbi Sherlow on Lo Tehanem”

  1. 1

    “We have no right to let a foreign government rule over our land.”

    Israel has already accomplished this through its acceptance of American foreign aid and the inherent tacit, almost slavish, complascence to the dictates of the US State Department, vis-a-vis the “Two State Solution” (sic) and withdrawal from Yesha and Shomron. When Jews such as Caroline Glick, Yoel Bainerman, Walter Block, Yehuda HaKohen, Moshe Feiglin, and others mention this, along with non-Jews such as US Representative Dr. Ron Paul, they are labelled as anti-semitic and unpatriotic, largely from the Straussian Neoconservative sector (AIPAC, AEI, Podhoretz, Bill Kristol, the late Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and the ex-Trotskyite Henry Scoop Jackson Democrats-turned Republicans). I wonder where the Religious Zionist sector stands on foreign aid to Israel, because essentially, accpetance of foreign aid is the ultimate impediment to national sovereignty and self-determination.

  2. 2

    In that sense what country is really independant.Israel (and everyone else)has to take into account all the other sources and kinds of power.No noe has complete freedom to act.




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