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Responsa of R. Nachum Eliezer Rabinovitz

R. Nachum Eliezer Rabinovitz is the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Birkat Moshe. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including the commentary on the Mishneh Torah, Yad Peshutah. I am no fan of R. Rabinovitz’s politics, but I do find his halakhic writings challenging and informative. I am therefore looking forward to looking at his recently published volume of responsa.

2 Responses to “Responsa of R. Nachum Eliezer Rabinovitz”

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    Of course, R himself would view his ‘politics’ as being as halakhic in nature as anything else he has written. On a somewhat related matter, for anyone who has this week’s English Mishpacha magazine, take a close look at the picture on page 37.

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    Harry P:

    I would agree with the above comment. I do not think one can seperate one’s views on politics and how one approaches halacha- especially someone like Rabbi Rabonovitz. Rabbi Rabinovitz has come very close to allowing the killing of Israeli soldiers by fellow Jews and settlers. Especially religious fanatics such as Rabbi Rabinowits there is no difference between politics and religion-or in this case Halacha. How one decides halachic questions cannot be completely “objective”, but depends on one’s values, morality and outlook on life. So my opinion is who cares how clever Rabbi Rabinbowits is manipulating sources in halacha.
    Harry Perkal




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