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Ruth Calderon Teaching Mishnah in the Knesset

In response to a motion of no confidence, Ruth Calderon teaches some Mishnah from the Knesset podium. (HT)

2 Responses to “Ruth Calderon Teaching Mishnah in the Knesset”

  1. 1
    Mordechai Y. Scher:

    Ashreinu! No where else is Hashem’s Torah a part of the political discourse in such a genuine way. Dr. Calderon deserves much credit for the culture and personal ‘class’ and dignity that she brings to the Knesset.

  2. 2

    She’s not “teaching”, she’s indulging her own conceit. “Teaching” implies the existence of a student. The other MKs are not her students. The other MKs are as interested in Calderon (or any MK) discussing Talmud as they are interested in hearing Green Party MKs talk about the environment – not at all, in other words.

    It’s certainly not a bad thing that Calderon enjoys the Talmud, or at least the stories in it. And nothing against her, nor do I know (or care about) her political views, whatever they may be. Just recognize, with many others, that media love the novelty of a non-orthodox female engaged in Talmud, for the same reason MM does(ie, blurring gender roles.) The am itself reacts with a giant zzzzz. This represents the same “sea change” that occurred when the actress Penina Rosenbloom got in the Knesset. (Nothing.)




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