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Scrivener 2.0 Now Available


Literature and Latte has just released Scrivener 2.0. I am a big fan of Scrivener and think that it is one of the best writing programs for Mac around. I almost always use it for my writing, exporting a document in the final stages to Mellel for some finishing touches. If would like to know more about Scrivener, watch some of the video tutorials.

Update: See this video for a good introduction to Scrivener.

4 Responses to “Scrivener 2.0 Now Available”

  1. 1
    Mordechai Y. Scher:

    In what way is it better than Pages?

  2. 2
    Menachem Mendel:

    For any writing that involves footnotes, tables, etc., Scrivener must be used with another word processing programming. I enjoy using it to start off my writing for the following reasons:

    1. You can have all of your research (notes, PDF’s, etc.) in the same program as your writing project.
    2. You can have a split-screen that allows you to view your writing and research material at the same time. I like being able to have my writing on the top half and my notes on the bottom.
    3. It allows you to write in smaller pieces (e.g. sections, paragraphs, etc.), move them around as much as you want, and then to merge them all together.

    I suggest checking out their videos. For less than $50 it is a bargain IMHO.

    If you were asking about Mellel, I find that it works with Hebrew better than Pages, and it has more flexibility with footnotes.

  3. 3

    How do you write in Hebrew using Scrivener?

  4. 4
    Menachem Mendel:

    You have to have Hebrew installed as a language option. You can find it in System Preferences-Language and Text-Input Sources.




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