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Shaul Stampfer: Families, Rabbis and Education


Shaul Stampfer’s new book, Families Rabbis and Education: Essays on Traditional Jewish Society in Eastern Europe,
has just been published. Below is the table of contents.

The Social Implications of Very Early Marriage in Eastern Europe in the Nineteenth Century

Love and Family Life among East European Jewry in the Modern Period

Scientific Welfare and Lonely Old People: The Development of Old Age Homes among Jews in Eastern Europe

Gender Differentiation and Education of the Jewish Woman in Nineteenth Century Eastern Europe

Remarriage among Jews and Christians in Nineteenth-Century Eastern Europe

The Pushke and its Development

Heder Study, Knowledge of Torah and the Maintenance of Social Stratification in Traditional East European Jewish Society

Literacy among East European Jewry in the Modern Period: Context, Background, and Implications

Hungarian Yeshivot, Lithuanian Yeshivot, and Josef Ben David

Hasidic Yeshivot in Interwar Poland

Dormitory and Yeshiva in Eastern Europe

The Controversy over Shechita and the Struggle between Hasidim and Mitnagdim

The Rabbinate in Eastern Europe that Wasn’t

Inheritance of the Rabbinate in Eastern Europe in the Modern Period: Causes, Factors, and Development over Time

One Response to “Shaul Stampfer: Families, Rabbis and Education”

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    Lion of Zion:

    i read some of his stuff in grad school and enjoyed it. thanks for bringing this book to my attention




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