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The Early Achronim back in print


I am a big fan of the Artscroll book, The Rishonim, and I just saw in an ad of their’s that the companion volume, The Early Achronim, is back in print. Any quibbles with some of the biographical or bibliographical information found in these books, is off-set IMHO by the quick reference which they allow.

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    neil fleischmann:

    I recall liking those books when they came out years ago. Somehow, books disappear (mysteriously – or not mysteriously) over time and I no longer own either The Rishonim or The Acharonim. They are good – IMHO. I love the idea of knowing who the characters are when I learn, but the dates and info such as their emphasis don’t so much stay in my head – even the names. On a related/unrelated note I like the book The Encyclopedia of Talmudic Sages by Gershom Bader (which some may say is controversial). It’s very long/thorough. I sometimes imagine, like now, before a year of teaching that this time around I’ll fill in the biographical information on all names, but it is somehow a difficult order.

    Thanks for this post which brought back memories of when those Artscroll books came out years ago, when Artscroll was smaller and closer to their beginning.




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