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The Israel Lobby and Bruce Springsteen

The Times of Israel has a fun article about an Israeli boy who was brought on stage to sing with Bruce Springsteen at a recent concert. The boy was pretty clueless about the words, but him and Bruce seemed to have had a great time.

My son and I were once at a concert in New Jersey and a little boy next to us who came with his parents from Italy to see a few concerts was picked. It is a great Bruce tradition.

The interesting thing is that this young boy was actually the second Israeli to have been brought onstage by Bruce Springsteen in the past month. At a concert in Helsinki on July 31, a young Israeli woman was brought on stage by Bruce to dance with him (at 5:10). Two Israelis on stage with Bruce within a month, it must be the Israel Lobby. Now only if the Lobby could convince Bruce to perform in Israel.

3 Responses to “The Israel Lobby and Bruce Springsteen”

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    In his Dancing in the Dark video [the only Bruce song I ever liked] he has a video of him also pulling some random girl out of the audeince. just like you describe here. Much later it was discovered that it was no random girl, it was the young child actress, Countey Cox.

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    {point is, with BS you never know. Much of the seemingly spontaneous dancing is as choreographed and pre-arranged as the super bowl dancers.}

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    Menachem Mendel:

    There is an even worse video of him practicing for that video with Courntney Cox. He thinks through a lot of what he does on stage, something that he has never hid, but there is also much spontaneity.




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