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The Rebbe’s Banal Neo-Gothic House

The Washington Post has an article about a photographic exhibit which examines the houses built around the world which imitate the Rebbe’s house at 770 Eastern Parkway. Menachem Mendel lives on!

One Response to “The Rebbe’s Banal Neo-Gothic House”

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    Menachem Mendel:

    The reporter was kinder than you, MM. He saw it as a relligious symbol intended to remind Lubavitchers of their dedication to the concepts the Rebbe personified, no stranger than displaying and saying a pledge of allegiance to a national flag.
    Barzilai | Homepage | 10.20.06 – 2:08 am | #

    I am not sure exactly how the reporter could be kinder than me when I really didn’t say much. The “MM lives on” was more said in jest than anything. Do I think that this is a symptom of a dangerous personality cult which developed around the Rebbe? Most definitely. The comment “These buildings are all about the content one of them once held,” is not so different than what I think. The “content” may have been the values that the Rebbe stood for, but it was also about the Rebbe in the flesh and blood.
    Menachem Mendel | Homepage | 10.20.06 – 7:06 am | #

    The reporter saw behind the banal facade because he perceived the sincerity and focus those people have. Only if you disparage the message will you see the banality.

    I wish, though, that those people would get back on track. But to some extent, these criticisms are like “color of your parachute” issues.
    Barzilai | Homepage | 10.20.06 – 12:41 pm | #

    But to some extent, these criticisms are like “color of your parachute” issues.


    Not clear what is meant by this.
    Editor | Homepage | 10.22.06 – 1:42 am | #

    Color of the parachute refers to irrelevant criticism of a totally trivial aspect of something whose functionality is all that matters. What matters is soft landing/getting squisher. What color it is doesn’t really matter much.
    Barzilai | Homepage | 10.26.06 – 1:38 pm | #




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