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Today’s Historic Rabbanut Exams


After a legal battle, today four women are taking (H) the Israeli Chief Rabbinate semikhah exam in the laws of kashrut. Last year the religious women’s organization Emunah petitioned the High Court of Justice to force the Rabbinate to allow women to take the exam and become mashgihot kashrut (kashrut supervisors). In December, before the High Court of Justice decided in the case, the Chief Rabbinate gave the OK and today four women are taking the exam.

I am not sure how this will affect the other appeal for women to be allowed to take other semikhah exams offered by the Chief Rabbinate.

(Photo from Ynet)

3 Responses to “Today’s Historic Rabbanut Exams”

  1. 1
    Norma Brewer:

    I am pleased to read of the4 women who will now be able to take these kashrut exams . Considering that the responsibility for kashrut resides in most families homes n the wife or mother, to have women seen as supervisors at the highest
    level is happening at long last.
    I wonder what other concessions will be wrung out of the chief rabbinate in regard to women sitting smichah exams?

  2. 2
    Menachem Mendel:


    There is another case that may already be in the courts, see here. In that case women wanted to take the semikhah examinations in order to be able to show that they have achieved a certain level of learning.

  3. 3
    Pearl K.Markham:

    This is a step forward.




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