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Translating the Bible…into Hebrew

While Iyov is posting about translations of the Bible into English, it seems that someone thinks Hebrew speakers need a translation of their own. (hat tip) See some discussion about it from Israeli educators here, and another article about it here. The translation itself was done by this man. I am wondering if this is so different than the Targum? See this article by Steven Fraade about the Targum in the Rabbinic Galilee.

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    Amazing. Well, there are simplified versions of Shakespeare published in English. However, I understood that Tanach study was mandatory in Israeli public schools, and certainly at least Chumash must be required in Jewish religious schools. Moreover, with the Nehama Leibowitz craze, all those semi-popular semi-scholarly journals (e.g. Megadim), Yemei Iyun, outreach from Yeshivos Har Eztion, etc. I thought Jewish study of Tanach was more advanced in Israel than it is among the Diaspora

    I have only studied Onkelos and that is, as you know, interpretative in parts (and hardly elegant Aramaic). With Rashi (or English translations, or other commentaries) at our fingertips, I know of few ordinary religious Jews who make a serious attempt to understand Onkelos — most just seem eager to recite him and get their weekly mitzvah out of the way.

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    Malkie Landau:

    I need translated “Protect me from what I want.” Or maybe it is “what I desire” I believe there is a posuk in the Torah, or Tehillim that says just that. Please get back to me, as soos as possible.

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    Menachem Mendel:

    The closest things that I could find are Psalms 34:5 or 39:9. The Psalms in Hebrew and English can be found here.




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