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Was Siyum HaShas a Missed Opportunity

VIN has an editorial which asks whether the organizers of the Siyum HaShas at MetLife Stadium missed an opportunity by not live streaming it on the Internet.

This incredible and carefully orchestrated event, sparkling with Kiddush Hashem after Kiddush Hashem, should have been broadcast live on the internet. Instead of inspiring the mere 93,000 participants, it could have inspired millions, yes, tens of millions. Had there only been a live feed.
Before the event, VINNews made several attempts to reach out to Agudath Israel to allow the event to be broadcast, but was unsuccessful. The lower quality feed that one individual young man had managed to set up, was not a suitable substitute, although there were an additional 55,000 views who were watching it.
This was, according to all counts, a lost opportunity.

One Response to “Was Siyum HaShas a Missed Opportunity”

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    Not saying I disagree, but coming from the Agudah’s awkward position on the internet (like the state of Israel – we support it except when we dont; we dont support it , except when we do.) you can see why they didnt want to stream it. Stupid, yes. But consistent with their general inconsistencies on the Internet.




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