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What a Night for Springsteen Fans

Bruce Springsteen has been barnstorming around the country and playing some incredible concerts. For many Springsteen fans these days are filled with much trepidation because there are rumors that this may be the last Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour for a while, or maybe even forever. I was able to see two of the shows which he recently played at Giants Stadium and they were great. For one of them my son and I were able to get right up to the stage. In fact we were standing right next to this lucky boy to whom Bruce gave the microphone to sing. One of those arms is probably mine. During the last week Bruce played four concerts at the soon to be demolished Philadelphia Spectrum, with last night being one of his best concerts in the last few decades. Here are three videos from the concerts at the Spectrum. The first video is of Bruce singing Elvis Presley’s All Shook Up and bringing an Elvis impersonator up on stage. The second is him bringing his mother on stage to dance with him. Here’s a recent video of him dancing with his mother and his aunt. The last video is of one of my favorite Springsteen songs, The Price You Pay. He hasn’t played it in close to thirty years and last night it was the first song that he played.

One Response to “What a Night for Springsteen Fans”

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    Harry Perkal:

    So what is the meaning of this obsession with Bruce Springsteen? In any case I think Bob Dylan is better- and he is Jewish!
    All right so he just made a Christmas album. No one is perfect. Harry P




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