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Women in the Cairo Geniza

Renée Levine Melammed describes here a new research project that will examine the lives of women as reflected in the Cairo Geniza.

[The] plan is to prepare two volumes, one containing the original Judeo-Arabic transcriptions alongside a Hebrew translation, and another with translations of the documents into English. In addition, the material will be organized by categories (such as letters from husband-wife, mother-son, sisters) in order to enable a detailed historical analysis of the documents. I will be writing the introductions to the volumes in both languages. They will include a survey of the status of research on medieval Jewish women; a discussion of the significance of the Cairo Genizah in medieval Jewish history and of the nature of the documents found there that are relevant for the study of women; and an analysis of the nature of the material in this collection that sheds light on this world and allows for women’s voices to be heard, both directly and indirectly.

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    “and allows for women’s voices to be heard, both directly and indirectly.”

    Anytime you see a book or something say something like that, you know it is a book or something to be ignored. That must be the most tiresome trope in all of the identity politics psuedo-scholarship: The uniqueness of women, letting the woman’s voice be heard, the women’s contribution to X, the women’s perspective on X, the impact of X on women – pathetic.




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